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Mathletics is a targeted and rewarding online Maths resource which is aligned with the national curriculum standards. Teachers are able to set homework that reflects the learning in class, supporting children to reinforce concepts. The learning is personalised to the child's needs as questioning is adapted to their degree of understanding. Online tutorials are available to help address children's misconceptions.

Above all, Mathletics is fun and engaging. Children enjoy playing educational games with their peers and collecting points, while at the same time developing their Maths knowledge. Parents and teachers are able to track children’s progress and identify gaps in their learning. If you would like to receive a weekly report from Mathletics, please click on the link below.

Mathletics support for parents

While playing Mathletics, children earn points based on hours spent learning online and for their progress over time. Children can earn silver and gold star awards. Each term, pupils' Mathletics achievements are celebrated in assembly, with a special mention on our Mathletics star awards display.